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Over the past many years, I have built a relationship with Sandy Robbins of your location. Sandy has assisted me on many occasions to choose the appropriate hardware for me personally and also for my business. She has grown her relationship with me to include my whole family. Sandy is “there”, for my “stupid” questions as I am anything but technical and happen to hit the wrong things on occasions, on my phone. She is proactive in advising us of plans which would better suit our business needs and also when we may have an opportunity for an upgrade. She is a smiling face who sets your whole day up, when you speak with her. I personally wish I had hundreds of “Sandy’s” for my business.

I have been a Bell Mobility Customer for many, many years. I am also in the Retail, Customer Service industry and know how important it is our guests are serviced. Normally we hear all the “bad” stuff that happens, as guests in this day & age certainly vent openly and let us know when they are not happy. They find time to provide their complaints but not nearly enough time to provide compliments when we do a terrific job for them.

This is one of those times, when great customer service has to be acknowledged.

Thank you.